Updates depend on client time

I am new to Grafana so I do not know if it is a bug or a feature I did not change correctly but for me it seems like a thing that needs attention.

I am showing current Amp values every second, I have changed the intervall and so on but the update always took 10s or so to execute. I only show 3 gauges so it was not the loading time of data. If i set update to 5 seconds it took 15s to get new data.

I then checked the sql generated and it contains a clue

M_Time AS “time”, M_Name AS metric, M_FVal FROM _MemTab
M_Name = ‘L1_A’ ORDER BY M_Time

it has a interval value even when i ask it for the last period of time.
And when I checked the timestamp values I realized that the timestamp was generated in the client with the clients time. My computer was drifting 11s slow compared to the server. so My end time in all querys was 11s in the past on the server. giving me old data,

It is not possible to demand that no computers clock has not drifted since internet sync so what i propose is to ad some kind of compensation calculation where a client starts a session by asking the server about the time, skips the hours and days to just focus on the seconds and then calculate the compensation value to add in every place where time is inserted.
or to stop having an upper time limit to querys, not so much has hapened in the future yet that it needs to be filtered out?

when I resynked the clients time with the server the updates comes within the second as they should.

I should have mentioned that the sys variable added by grafana to get this time range is $__timeFilter
But the strange thing is that it is described differently in the documentation then what is actually happening.

Description looks like a “time > now() - 7d” expression evaluated on the server and no end time.
What I get is not that at all.