Unified Alert in firing state but inconsistent email alerts


I’m using Grafana v9.1.3 OSS, and I’ve been testing the new Unified Alarming out. On the frontend it works nice in terms of recognizing when it’s in ‘Firing’ and ‘OK’ states. But one thing it’s having difficulty with is sending out the email to the contact point. It’s very random, sometimes it sends sometimes it doesn’t send until I restart Grafana service. Other times it sends an email but it doesn’t follow the defined template. So it’s really difficult to actually validate if these alarms are doing what they’re supposed to do.

Is there perhaps something I’m missing in my alarms that doesn’t send out guaranteed email alarms? Also, is this issue something that has been addressed and fixed in another version?

Thanks in advance,


Have you tried other contact points (e.g. Discord, Slack, etc.) to see if the same inconsistent behavior is observed?

Hi, yes I’ve tried with Discord and Microsoft Teams contacts points and none of them receive any message at all