Unable to get list of host influx

i have tried to use some dashboards (telegraf) using my influx datasource. i can manually create graphs and things, but when i use the telegraf dashboards with the host selection. i am unable to select a host(none are listed) i have tried to run "SHOW TAG VALUES FROM system WITH KEY=host ", but it returns nothing when i query the database. any help would be appreciated.

maybe your influxdb datasource does not contain those measurements? Make sure the right database is configured in the grafana data source options page

Is there suppose to be a special table created for the “hosts”? I’m using the default .conf telegraf file with the autogenerated database.
I can select any host that I’m collecting data from in the query builder in grafana and the Chronograf web interface has a list of hosts. I just cannot get a list of all of them inside the grafana dashboard I downloaded.