Unable to get custom Elastic search log property values inside grafana Alert rules "Add details for your alert rule" section

Dear All,

We have connected grafana with Elastic search datasource which stores windows logs.
And we have configured the Alert Rules. We tried to add Elastic search property values inside “Add details for your alert rule” section.
But we are not able to get the value. Below are the ways we tried to fetch the ES property values. Can anyone provide the solution for this?

image1453×629 58.1 KB

image1082×733 57.9 KB

Below are the ways we tried But not able to get the value from Elastic search even though the Lucene query has executed successfully with some values.
Error message logged in server
{{ humanize $values.A.Value}}
S1: {{$A.CMRMachinename.keyword.Value}}
S2: {{$A.CMRMachinename.keyword}}
S3: {{$values.A.CMRMachinename.keyword}}
S4: {{$A}}
S5: {{$values}}
S6: {{ index $labels “CMRMachinename.keyword” }}
S7: {{$CMRMachinename.keyword}}
S8: $labels.

Due to this issue we are not able to show the values in the triggered email.