Transformation calculate Total of last values of not aligned the series


Grafana 9.1.4

I would like calculate new field: sum of (last know) values of few not aligned timeseries using transformation.

I haven’t found solution, because Total function in “Add field from calculation” transformation sums up just values with same timestamp. My time series has new value only if changed, so it’s sum is correct only when all values (in each serie) changes at the same time. But that’s rare situation.

I would expect sum function to use last know values of the series for each time of any series change.

Is it possible to achieve this by transformations or do I have to modify source data (data source side)? I use Simple Json Data source.

Thank you for any advice.

Hi @vjuchelka,

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So if I understand it correctly, the JSON data source have a for e.g. column/table where some values are present while some not and you want to calculate the sum of it (even having no values) for e.g. like this one?