Text from log line that triggered the alert in the notification email?

Is it possible with loki and grafana alert manager to add the actual log line that triggered the alert to the alert email being sent?

the answer unforutnately is “it depends”. But yes, it is possible with the right setup, and while using the newer Unified Alerting platform:

what version of grafana are you running? and are you using the legacy alerting platform or the new unified alerting platform that debuted in v8 and became the default in v9?

Hello Matt!

Thanks for your answer.
We are currently at grafana v9.0.7 and loki v2.6.1.
It’s the first time we are evaluating this stack so went straight ahead with the unified platform.
Unfortunately, we’ve had some fatal issues with getting alerts to work.
Here you can find the issues we have: https://community.grafana.com/t/grafana-alert-manager-works-but-gives-error-in-ui-related-to-loki-query/71602/4