Test results output to summary format

If we output the raw data in json format, how can I run the command to generate the summary test result similar like the cli output?

Do we allow to merge > 1 json file and generate the summary test result?

Hi @xyngfei,

The purpose of this output is to provide you with raw data, so you decide what to do with it. AFAIK, there’s no way to re-aggregate the already exported data inside k6. You can use this data to query for various results. The easiest way is to use the jq command-line JSON processor. Just have a look at the processing JSON output section in docs. This way you can filter and aggregate the results to achieve the same. Otherwise you should process the data yourself.

Also, since last k6 version, you can now export the end-of-test summary information in a JSON format: Options reference (i.e. you don’t need to aggregate the --out json raw data yourself)

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if I have this options

summaryTrendStats: [“min”, “max”, “avg”, “p(90)”, “p(95)”, “p(99)”, “count”]

However, summary export JSON only store the default statistic, how can it store the value define from summaryTrendStats

This seems like a bug, please create a new issue

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Actually I need to have some basic understanding about jq. Even I know how to use the jq online to build the right filter, I still cant get back the std output, is there anywhere can import the JSON file can generate back the std output?