Temporary null values in array

Running a simple query to check if a host is up. The last value in the array goes to null, seemingly at random. Hosts are not going down. Then after a minute or so, the null value is replaced by the proper value (in attached images).

Edit: I should note that this is happening with every query. Is it some sort of timing issue?

"xhrStatus": "complete",
"request":  Object
"method": "POST",
"url": "api/datasources/proxy/1/render",
"target=icinga2.myhost.host.hostalive.perfdata.rta.crit from=-6h&until=now&format=json&maxDataPoints=106"
"response": [
  "target": "icinga2.myhost.host.hostalive.perfdata.rta.crit",
  "datapoints": Array[72] ... 

Note: If I’m missing a better way of monitoring a host/gateway, any advice is appreciated.




Seems like a timing issue since values are written each 5 minutes. Try and add a timeshift of 5 min.

Please let me know if this works