Tempo backend without docker

Is there a way to spin up tempo backend without using docker?

Yes, the examples can give you a good idea of the various pieces and which parameters to pass.

Binaries are available on our releases page.

Just curious ! Why Grafana tempo is not provided as a binary(zip or vs) like grafana ?

Perhaps I don’t understand what you need. The binary is available on the linked release page above.

Hi Joe, I may have a incorrect perception/understanding of how this works. But to elaborate my query : I work on windows OS. If i have to run grafana i download the zip file and navigate to bin and run grafana-server.exe and verify using http://localhost:3000/. Similarly, is it not possible that i download a grafana tempo zip file and run a basic version using something like grafana-tempo.exe --config-file= tempo-local.yaml .

Why do i need to setup docker and run docker run -d … -config.file=tempo-local.yaml.?

Ah, ok. So currently we only provide binaries for amd64/linux. If you need a windows binary you will have to compile from source. Running:

make tempo

from the root of the project on a Windows machine will build the binaries for you. Be warned there is quite possibly some bugs in Tempo while running in Windows as we have never done that.

I downloaded the binary, extracted it in my linux box, but I get an error when trying to execute tempo there. Also I couldn’t find any official docs explaining how to install Tempo backend without Docker or Kubernetes.

“store: failed to create store unknown backend tempo”

And in the 2nd attempt:

level=info ts=2021-07-23T18:52:17.83657698Z caller=main.go:94 msg=“Starting Tempo” version="(version=1.0.1, branch=HEAD, revision=b2c8e1c4)"
level=error ts=2021-07-23T18:52:17.838097294Z caller=main.go:97 msg=“error running Tempo” err=“failed to init module services error initialising module: server: failed to create server listen tcp :9095: bind: address already in use”

It seems like something else on your machine is using port 9095. Please refer to the server docs on how to configure different ports:

  grpc_listen_port: ???

I got this error now: ““store: failed to create store unknown backend tempo””

Is there any official doc to install Tempo backend without any container? Like we have for Grafana?

From the error message I’d guess you are setting storage.trace.backend to tempo, which is not valid. Backend type must be one of gcs, s3, azure or local.

Check out the configuration docs: Configuration | Grafana Labs

We currently do not have any Tempo packages, so it’s not possible to install Tempo using a package manager. If this is something you need feel free to open a GitHub issue and we can discuss what is possible :slight_smile: