Template variable using lable_join

I am trying to create a template variable from a Prometheus data source using label_join function like

label_values(label_join(app:healthcheck:gauge{application=“collectHealthies”}, “full_name”, " ", “first_name”, “last_name”) ,full_name)

but I am getting

Template variables could not be initialized: parse error at char 11: could not parse remaining input “(app:healthchec”…


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i meet the same trouble!

Same issue. The goal is to aggregate multiple label names into single one and pass them to a variable. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

I just hit this problem too and solved it, sharing the solution to my specific use case might help others:

The query uses query_result():

  max  by (nodepool) (
      , "nodepool", "", "label_cloud_google_com_gke_nodepool", "label_agentpool")

This results in values like {nodepool="some-node-pool"} 1 1623140151000

To solve this, add a regex to grab the right value: