Telegraf not putting data into InfluxDB

Hello everyone! I’ve ran into an issue where telegraf is no longer putting data into influxdb. It was working for a few months, monitoring a single OID that measures radio RSSI, on many radios via SNMP. I made a change to the telegraf.conf file to add a new radio, and when I reloaded telegraf get it to start using the new config with the added radio, it stopped putting the data into influxdb. Looking at the data still in influxdb, it shows that it stopped getting data right after I reloaded telegraf. I’m not the most familiar with linux, but if there’s any logs/configs that I can add that will help with troubleshooting, please let me know.

The one thing that I know is that there is an error when I check the status of telegraf.service. It gives an [inputs.snmp] error saying collection took longer than expected; not complete after interval of 20s.

Any help would be appreciated.