Tagged thresholds for vus and vus_max possible?


I’m trying to add some thresholds for vus and vus_max at the scenario level, but it is not shown in stdout output as it seems,

‘vus{scenario:Something}’: [‘value >= 30’],
‘vus_max{scenario:Something}’: [‘value >= 30’],

does not work - it does not complain, but data for scenarios is not shown (only overall vus and vus_max), whereas when I remove the scenario-Tag, thresholds are evaluated and can fail.

Maybe I misunderstand the concept of VUs, but if not - would it be feasible to add the feature?


Hi there!

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reporting this issue.

You’re right, this should work as you expect it, but it doesn’t seem to be implemented yet. I created a new issue for it: #1833, so you can follow it for updates, but this will have to be evaluated and planned, so no ETAs yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience!