Table url link with time range arguments


I have a table with time based events. Time is one of my columns.
scenario: I start in a time range of 24h. I see an event of interest and I want to zoom in to it, let’s say I want to have all the relevant info 2min before and 2 min after this specific event. The standard way to do this is remember the exact time, go to the time picker and select that specific 4 min time range.
An easier approach would be to just click on the row in my table and this would refresh the page in the new smaller time range.

I tried playing with the Table url link but I can’t seem to find a solution to use the cell value time as an argument in my from and to url

The idea is to use an url that looks something like this:

This obviously does not work.
Anyone who could help me out here?

kind regards