Table Panel Columns to Rows

Hi All,

Managed to queried this:

With this query:

SELECT patchsession,
count(*) as Baseline,
COUNT (*) filter(where exempted='SKIP_L2_APPROVAL') AS SKIP_L2_APPROVAL
from patchtracking P, cycle C
where C.cyclename=$cyclename and 
group by patchsession

Is it possible to query it so that it display this:

------------               ----
Baseline                    78
Skipped with L2 Approval    14


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Hi. I am stuck in similar problem. You got any solution.

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Any idea how to do this ?, We have a table which always ends up with one row , but with 50 columns
Can the columns become rows ?
we are using logs in Metric to pull all columns of the record

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Same here. Need this functionality

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I need this one as well, any updates ?

Maybe unnest can help you. I use it with and I think is the same with Postgre.