Table overview of disk space (Volume, Disk total (gb), Disk usage (gb), Free disk space (%)) per server

Hi All,

I am new to grafana and prometheus and thus a beginner :wink:
I need some help to setup our monitoring correctly, and was tasked with this setup.
I have setup Prometheus (latest version) and Grafana (7.3.3) on seperate servers. Installed the windows_exporter and node_exporter on several systems.
At this moment I currently have CPU and Memory usage setup on a dashboard, and now want to monitor disk space for both windows and linux based vm’s.

I need to see the disk usage in the way mentioned in the subject of this topic. To clarify below example:

| Volume (driveletter/mountpoint) | Total Size (GB) | Used Size (GB) | Free (%) |
| C: (windows) | 80 GB | 40 GB | 50 % |
| / (Linux) | 30 GB | 9,8 GB | 67 % |

Also want to display this with bar gauges if possible.

How do I need to write this in grafana? (with datasource prometheus (instance,job))

Help is much appreciated.