Summary condition based on value of an expression

Hi All!

I would like to make a some conditionbased summary with the ‘alertng’ engine in our Grafana v8.4.7 (23bf3ef043) but have problems with it.

I have some alert queries expressions etc, where the last is my real ‘alert’ (also with name of ‘alert’) expression with a possible logical 0/1 results:

It is working fine, without any problems, but If I want to refer to it from my Summarization the corresponding simple Go template not works (‘not works’ mean, I get no real and expected results but simply the template string which used to be in case of any errors in the template).

Here is my sample/test template…

{{ if eq .Values.alert 0 ) }} Everything is fine {{ end }}
{{ if ne .Values.alert 0 ) }} There are problems {{ end }}

…which you can see as Summary annotation:

I can get the result of the .Values.alert key, it is finely show me 0 or 1 based on its state, but the mentioned template simply now works. My first idea was a type mismatch between the comparable values (if the result could not be ‘int’), but tried with forced ‘float’ comparition the result is the same, non working template:

{{ if eq .Values.alert 0.0 ) }} Everything is fine {{ end }}

If I try to ask it about its type I get the following:

Go template:

{{ printf "%T" .Values.alert }}



What is it, how could I handle it, what is my mistake?

Thanks for your attentions in advance!