Sum of Count of timegroup SQL

Hi all,
I am facing currently the issue, that I would have a Microsoft SQL table with

creation_time | closing_time | ID | …

I would like to get a delta of the COUNT of IDs per day. e.g. 23.10.23 -3, 24.10.23 +2 that I can create a bar chart connected with my currenty chart looking like this:

What I did so far:

  $__timeGroup(creation_time , '1d') as time_e,
  $__timeGroup(closing_time , '1d') as time_s,
  sum(COUNT(creation_time )- COUNT(closing_time )) as value1
  Group BY ID, $__timeGroup(creation_time , '1d'), $__timeGroup(closing_time , '1d')

Someone having an idea, how to solve my case?

Thank you in advance.