Sum by time using $__timeFilter

Hi, I just want to make a summatory of 1 field and filter it by the filter time of Grafana.
I have something like this:

SELECT Sensor_5
FROM proceso_simulacion.proceso_utc
WHERE $__timeFilter(Tiempo)

But is not working right now.

Could someone please help me? Thanks!

Welcome @campinsgonzalo

This line below might be the problem. Can you share more details about the datasource you are querying and the error message(s) being displayed in Grafana?

Hello, here is the message in the display:

Can you please answer this question?

Yes, of course. Is MySQL DB, and looks like this:

It is very simple, the main function is to monitor an amount of sensor in an industrial plant.

I think I made it, with this query:
SELECT SUM(Sensor_5) AS suma_sensor_5

FROM proceso_simulacion.proceso

WHERE $__timeFilter(Tiempo)

But the main problem I’m having right now is that the UTC time is not working. Is 3 hours behind, or something like that.

Is your data in MySQL stored in UTC?

Yes it is.