Subtract counter metric one bucket from another

Hi there!
Could you please someone help me with the proper PromQL request?
I’d like to differentiate number of request by its duration.
1st query: number of request 1 second duration or less
2nd query: number of request more than 1 second duration and less than 5 sec
3rd query: number of request more than 5 second duration
I have installed Prometheus for Jira plugin and such metrics: Screenshot by Lightshot
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/rest",le=“1.0”,} 309.0
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/rest",le=“5.0”,} 347.0
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/rest",le="+Inf",} 347.0
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/secure",le=“1.0”,} 14.0
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/secure",le=“5.0”,} 16.0
jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{path="/secure",le="+Inf",} 16.0

and other bucket with different path.
So, using next request
rate(jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{le=“1.0”, job=“prod”}[1m])
I get the average number of request per second by each path, then I’d like to get sum of it:
sum by (le) (rate(jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{le=“1.0”, job=“prod”}[1m]))

but when I tried to culculate values/graph for second query I faced roadblock, because I can’t (I subtract num of reqest 1 sec from num of request 5 sec):
sum by (le) (rate(jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{le=“5.0”, job=“prod”}[1m])) -
sum by (le) (rate(jira_request_duration_on_path_bucket{le=“1.0”, job=“prod”}[1m]))

I think here possible somehow to check:
1 sec & 60 sec request summed by le

Thanks for any help!