Storing metrics with custom ordered X value and labels

I have some metrics that I got from Jenkins builds or custom runs.
Can I configure graph for using build # as X axes?

I tried to use Grafana + Graphite with metric names like _<build_no> and use construction as:
aliasSub(removeBelowValue(stats.metrics.error_rate_*, 0), '(.*)_([0-9]+)(.*)', 'Build \\2') and display with bars.

But this solution have 3 problems:

  1. Performance troubles with big count of builds (too many metric names)
  2. Ordering troubles with X axes (cannot order build #)
  3. Cannot display graph as lines, only bars

Also, I would like to show some other information (like time, and GIT commit ID) in datapoint tooltip. Any ideas how can I do that?

I have Graphite and ELK and can store data in any of these products.

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That would be hard. There are support for using histogram mode, but it would be odd I think for build number on x axis since you normally display a count per x axis and have different buckets on the y axis. Can you please explain a bit more about your use case, i.e. what are you planning to show on the Y axis?

If you have that information in elasticsearch you can add that data as annotations in a graph.

If you add build number to elasticsearch you should be able to include that in annotations as well. Then you can add these annotations to whatever graphs you may have.