Stat panel with fields selected by Regular expression

Grafana 10.0.3
Zabbix data-source 4.4.0

Hey guys.
I’m trying to display the status of several monitored Jobs using the Stat panel.
To do this, I have created a query that can return various job-related data.

The idea is to use the same query for multiple panels, where only the fields displayed would change.

In “Value options” I can “select the fields that should be included in the panel”.

Selecting All Fields or Numeric Fields are somewhat limited options.
So, I found out that a limited Regular Expression can also be used in cases where there are many fields. BTW, I could not find this information in the documentation.

In my example, I was able to use the expression /Status - ETL.*/ to display only the field names for this first panel.

Now, my hope is to extend the expression to filter the fields without displaying the “Status” term.
I wish it was something like this:

/Status - (ETL.*)/$1/

But of course, this does not work out. It seems that the field does not support capture groups.

Any thoughts on this matter?

I could not use an extended regex in the Fields field.

But, using a Filter by name transformation helped me to filter the displayed fields.