Stacking MySQL values in a Bar graph

Hi there,
I would like to read out a value from a MySQL database, group it according to a day and display it as a bar graph.

DATE_FORMAT(DATETIME, “%d.%m.%Y”) AS “Datum” ,
(MAX(wert) - MIN(wert))/100000 AS Heizung
FROM input
WHERE art = ‘Heizung_WATT_Gesamt’

It should look like this:

I have several of these queries that I now want to display in a bar graph, one above the other.
I don’t get the graphic to show different layers though. Best of all in different colors.
Can you give me a tip how I can do that?
Thank you very much


I see that you are using queries with different units (Axis), i suggest you have a look at this thread :

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

No, The MySQL code works fine. But iam not able to stack the result in den grafic.