Stacked results?

I’m trying to figure out how to have stacked time results for a query such as:

__timeEpoch(time_stamp), retry_percent as value, config_name as metric FROM dbo.AER1600_eth_tcp_1 WHERE __timeFilter(time_stamp)
time_stamp ASC

There are 2 tables in question, that have the same field names, dbo.AER1600)_eth_tcp_1 and dbo.AER2200_eth_tcp

How can I write a query for a dashboard that will stack the results for each of these tables??


I think you should try with an INNER JOIN something like that :

__timeEpoch(time_stamp), dbo.AER1600_eth_tcp_1.retry_percent as value, dbo.AER1600_eth_tcp_1.config_name as metric
FROM dbo.AER1600_eth_tcp_1 INNER JOIN ON dbo.AER1600_eth_tcp_1.config_name = dbo.AER2200_eth_tcp.config_name
WHERE __timeFilter(time_stamp)
time_stamp ASC

Just correct column where you make the JOIN between the two table.
You work with MSSQL right ?

Will that show one set of data stacked behind the other?

No it’s just to get datas from another table which match with you primary columns,
But check the exact syntax to do your query.

So why is it giving a error of: mssql: Ambiguous column name ‘time_stamp’.

Same reference to time_stamp didn’t throw and error before the join was attempted