Splunk Datasource in grafana to fetch data once

Hello All,

I am using Grafana v10.2.2 on Linux OS.

I am using Splunk as Datasource and trying to build dashboards in Grafana.
Is there anything in Grafana wherein I do not have to write 10 queries in 10 panels.

Just one base query will fetch data from splunk and then in grafana I can write additional commands or functions which will be used in each panel on top of the base query, so splunk load is reduced.
This concept is available in Splunk called as “Post process search”.


I followed below instructions and able to fetch data in Splunk but it causes heavy load and stops working next day and all the panels shows “No Data”.

Splunk data source | Grafana Enterprise plugins documentation

Your help will be greatly Appreciated! Thanks in Advance!