Split Prometheus datasource based on exporter

Hi All
I would like to separate my Prometheus data source into different distinct data sources based on the metrics in Prometheus for example:
Prometheus-RabbirMQ --> will filter only metrics starting with RabbitMQ
Prometheus-Elasticsearch --> will filter only metrics starting with Elasticsearch

Is it possible to reach such granularity ?

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Hi @mormor83,

any particular reason why you want to do that split at data source level? I have usually wanted to include more data per data source instead of sharding it there.
Just curious :slight_smile:


I would like this aswell. My reason for this is, that we have multible HAProxy Clusters. I would like to seperate does in grafana.

I am a new user and I dont know prometheus and grafana that well. So if there is another way, I would love to hear this.

Hi @b0b
This is to separate it to different users using the grafana enterprise license ( datasource permission) Not all teams uses Elastic and i would like to “give” the ones that do that datasource.
Is it possible?

With PromQL you can easily filter on any tags and make them variables for a dashboard.

For the OT
How to split a data source, now that is something else. It might be possible using Custom Query Parameters but I have not tried doing anything like that.