Sorting row by labels

Hello Grafana supporter!

I’m using Grafana v8, I have a dashboard with structure like below:

Row 1
Panels A,B : These panels are inside Row 1
Row 2
Panels C,D,E : These panels are inside Row 2.

I want to create a dropdown list including : Row 1,Row 2 , All.
When I select Row 2 from the dropdown list: Row 2 and its panels will display on the top of dashboard and Row 1 will be hided or display below Row 2.

Could you support me on how to do this?

Thanks so much!

Hello @nqquan63 and welcome

I have tried to achieve what you described using custom variables together with repeating rows but it did not work.

Unless somebody else in the community knows a way, I assume there is not such feature in Grafana yet. You can always suggest this idea, starting a Github discussion.

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