Some Tags Don't Appear in Datadog

I’m new to k6. Just started sending metrics to Datadog. It all works fine EXCEPT the tags on ONE of my http requests do not appear in Datadog and I can’t figure out why. Here’s my code:

    var params = {
        headers: {
            'user-id': randomUser.userID,
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
            'Accept': 'application/json'
        tags: {
            endpoint: "post_schedules"
        var response1 = + '/schedules', thePayload, params);

        params.tags.endpoint = "get_all_schedules";
        var response2 = http.get(thePath + '/schedules', params);

        params.tags.endpoint = "get_one_schedule";
        var response3 = http.get(thePath + '/schedules/' + randomNamer, params);

        params.tags.endpoint = "delete_one_schedule";
        var response4 = http.del(thePath + '/schedules/' + randomNamer, params);
        params.tags.endpoint = "get_all_feeds";
        var response5 = http.get(thePath + '/feeds', params);

        params.tags.endpoint = "get_one_feed";
        var feedID = JSON.parse(response5.body)['results'][0].sys_id
        var response6 = http.get(thePath + '/feeds/' + feedID, params);

All of these tags show up in Datadog EXCEPt the “delete_one_schedule” and I don’t see why. I know the http.del query is working because I see the 204s in the logs and I can add the metric to a dashboard by choosing “from method:delete”. The tag I added does not appear as a choice.

Hi @wbmellema, Welcome to the community forum !

http.del takes a body (same as as it’s second argument. So you are basically sending the params as the body.

You should just have null as the second argument, and it will work.

ah I should have checked the signature. Thanks. It works now