[solved] Show all disks (variable number) in a single chart


I have the following working dashboard up and running, it allows to filter a disk-server combination. https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/569

Now, I’d like to have something very similar, but instead of looking at each disk individually I’d like to show all disks for the selected server in a single chart. The number of disks will be different per server.

I’m used to relational databases, so I guess I’m standing on my own toe somehow. I have ‘device’ as multi select filter - however I don’t get it displayed right.!

‘Traditionally’ I’d expect “select device, value…” - but with influxdb that’s obvisously wrong. I also thought about ‘group by’ which is valid, but the result (screenshot below, ‘disk load (A)’ is not what I desire.

$device SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "disk_read" WITH KEY = "instance"

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean("value"), 1s) / 1000 FROM "disk_io_time" WHERE "host" =~ /^$host$/ AND "instance" =~ /^$device$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval), "device" fill(null)

Thanks for pushing me the right direction, hopefully :slight_smile: