[Solved] Send Email Alert to multiple addresses

I have set up a SMTP-server (AWS SES) to send Email Alerts from Grafana.
If I want to send an Email Alert to only one address it works wonderful.

But if I want to send an alert to multiple addresses only the first address receives an email. The others dont get one.

In the configuration for the notification channel I wrote the addresses down like this:


So why does it not work?

You are sure that from AWS SES test console you can send an email to: example@web.com


From AWS SES I can send an email to both addresses.

It works from Grafana if I send a email to only address. If I type in two addresses, separated by an “;” it does not work.

Have you tried separating with any other character?

The obvious ones which come to mind are comma and space, but you might as well
try colon, slash, backslash and ampersand.

Do you get an error message on your outbound mail server (or anywhere else)
when you try two addresses?


I found my mistake.

In AWS SES you have to choose port 587.

From the developer guide:
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) throttles email traffic over port 25 by default. To avoid timeouts when sending email through the SMTP endpoint from EC2, use a different port (587 or 2587).