Snapshot successsfully created but not found on raintank

Hello, i use Grafana 5.1.4 on armv6 (pi zero) with influxdb datasource, chromium browser 65.0.3325.181-0+rpt4 , raspbian stretch.

As no newer grafana version is available for pi zero, i dont want to open my :3000 port on internet (for security raison) and i would produce periodique snapshot on site.
Sometime (yesterday all work fine) , after a successful snapshot process the link provided in grafana is not found
example : at 28/09/2018 9:24 (GMT+2), the creating snapshot process seem work fine but snapshot is not found on when i browse it.
Anybody have an idea about what happen ?

Other question : My dashboard use “Status By Group Panel” plug in, how can i now if this plug in is available on raintank server and if not how it is possible to ask us to add it ?

Thanks for your answers/idea

Link generated :

Step by step of Snapshot process (sorry as new user i cant post more than 2 picture)