Snapshot API how to specify for specific control panel + node


I have snapshot API setup issue.
Env: Grafana + prometheus + node

“Manually” snapshot will shows correctly with specific panel+node.
e.g. one of the node’s snapshot will looks like this.

If I use “Create new snapshot”'s API, page will shows empty and title shows with “ctrl.dashboard.title”, not sure where it comes from.

I thought maybe add id or title into the body will work.

First I got id by “Search panel API” response:

{“id”:3,“title”:“Node Exporter Server Metrics”,“uri”:“db/node-exporter-server-metrics”,“type”:“dash-db”,“tags”:[“prometheus”,“test_tag”],“isStarred”:false},

So I add “id” and “title” into my body and it became like this:

  "dashboard": {
    "title":"Node Exporter Server Metrics",
    "rows": [

  "expires": 3600



But the result still shows empty on the page with the response url.

Am I wrong? should I need to add anything like node? or tag in the body?

Any advice will be help.



Please see Save snapshot to grafana database