Singlestat math, how to format result as percentage?


I’m using singlestat math panel to calculate underpressure percentage? Is there anyway to format result as percentage?

This should show 5,9%. Now general format shows 0.0599

Hello mattirantakari!
Yes, it is possible to format result as percentage in the singlestat panel:

  1. Choose to edit the panel
  2. Go to Visualization tab/section
  3. In Unit input, choose percent(0-1.0)

Perfect! Thank you it works.

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I have the same situation here. I have sensor data that shows both in the stat panel and a graph. How can I change the numeric data from the sensor to in percentage instead?

@peshawag Not sure if I understand your question, but are you trying to display something like this?

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Yes, that is what I meant