Single Stat - Low and High Ranges for Color Changes

Hi, first post here - hope this OK …

So I have read the documentation on how to set the color changes based on the value of a single stat - great - so I can go Green, Orange, Red - but I would like to have a Green zone, then an orange zone when the value is higher OR lower than a specified value, and then go to Red when the value is higher OR lower than the orange range.

This is for a process system, so it needs to operate in a sweet spot and alarm / warn when it starts to go out side the normal range.

Is this possible with single stat, or does this need a custom modification?

Thanks in advance

not sure what you mean.

if you have two thresholds:

then values below 100 will be green, values between 100 and 200 will be orange, values > 200 will be red.

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Hey, so for example I would nee the follow 0-10 (red) / 11-20 (yellow) / 21-30 (green) / 31-40 (yellow) / 41-50 (red)

No, that is not supported