Single Promtail with multiple clients, each getting a different set of logs

Greetings Programs!

I’m scratching my head on how to set up promtail so that it

  • sends all logs from certain tenants (namespaces with a certain label/value) to a multi-tenant loki
  • sends all logs from all other tenants (namespaces with another label/value) to another loki, this one being not multi-tenant.

There is a clients section in the promtail config, where you can list multiple clients. But it is not clear how I configure the pipeline stages, so that given the value or existence of a certain label, it will use a different client.

Is this even possible?

Or is it simpler to just have two promtail instances?

Thanks in advance for any insights!


I think under each clients section you can configure individual cleint_optikns

There you could specify the specific labels :label: you want to send to that specific client based on the scrape config section of each?

So under clients you would have multiple client urls with each having its own scrap config and label mapping etc