simpleJson: /search - body {} data required?

The /search route for my simpleJson is not working; response is empty–no metrics–either in browser or on the server with cURL. The following don’t work:

curl -X POST http://mylinuxrig:3000/search

I spoke with the lead on this project, and was told to specify a body in the request, like so:

curl -X POST http://mylinuxrig:3000/search -d {}

This successfully returns metric options.


  1. Should this additional data (-d) option be required? I feel that this is not true to the specification, which states:

    /search used by the find metric options on the query tab in panels. [1]

  2. In Grafana, how I specify that empty object be passed in with a request to http://mylinuxrig:3000/search? Can this be specified in the .ini file, through the GUI? I don’t see anything in query inspector.

  3. Generally, where do I specify the arguments to the requests (search, query, etc).

Thanks, Keith :^)