Showing Service status -> Values shows trend instead of last value


We monitor our Services with Zabbix; Through the API we read the services states, which can be 0 to 6.
When a Service goes down, in Zabbix I see the value 6 instantly. I expect this to be the “last/current value” used in Grafana.

However: If I check the values shown, it slowly rises to 6, and when we startup the service again, the value slowly goes down to 0. This is unwanted.

In Grafana we set Query “Metrics” , Stat “last value” , and Metrics->Options->Max datapoints to “1”.

What is the proper setting to show the exact “last/current” value so it shows 0,1, 6 etc ? And not slowly rising to 6 when a service dies?

Seriously no one? Is this only a user forum without any developers giving advice?