Showing proper AWS DB Instance Name in Annotations>Description portion of Alerts to Telegram

Hello Fellow Grafana Engrs!

May I ask please assistance in what to put in the ‘Description’ portion of ‘Annotations’ in Creating an Alerting Rule that will send a message to Telegram.

My query is to AWS Cloudwatch, to get RDS metrics like CPU Utilization, Memory, Network, etc.
Alarm is working well and is sending alerts to Telegram.

My issue is for the telegram message to show the DB InstanceIdentifier and its corresponding Value.

I don’t know where I can search for a guide to produce the proper Go Language Template so that the Description of the Alert Message will show properly.

I have other alarms showing the Hostname of my ubuntu servers plus their CPU Usage value for example.
Like this :
Server/s :
{{ $ }} = {{ printf “%.2f” $values.B.Value }}%

This is showing okay in telegram.

I am not really proficient in Go Language so Its very difficult to know how to show AWS RDS instance name and values.

Hope somebody here have the same situation and can share their expertise.

Thanks in advance!

Grafana v10.1.4