Show the actual value rather than %?

Thanks for being patient on how I phrased this topic.

I wanted something like this

where instead of showing me % value I want to see the number of bytes used (or remaining) on the top.

Hello @trajano2

Can you share your query that you used to obtain your graph? Please also provide some sample data if you can.


1 - ((node_filesystem_avail_bytes{node_id="$node",fstype!="tmpfs"} ) / node_filesystem_size_bytes{node_id="$node",fstype!="tmpfs"})


2023-11-10 00:06:45,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:07:00,38.5%
2023-11-10 00:07:15,36.4%
2023-11-10 00:07:30,36.5%
2023-11-10 00:07:45,36.5%
2023-11-10 00:08:00,36.5%
2023-11-10 00:08:15,36.6%
2023-11-10 00:08:30,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:08:45,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:09:00,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:09:15,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:09:30,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:09:45,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:10:00,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:10:15,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:10:30,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:10:45,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:11:00,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:11:15,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:11:30,36.7%
2023-11-10 00:11:45,36.7%

Hi again. Your query:

1 - ((node_filesystem_avail_bytes{node_id="$node",fstype!="tmpfs"} ) / node_filesystem_size_bytes{node_id="$node",fstype!="tmpfs"})

computes the percentage of used disk space on a specific node, excluding filesystems of type “tmpfs.”

I believe if you want to see the actual number of bytes used instead of a percentage, you can modify the query as follows:

node_filesystem_size_bytes{node_id="$node", fstype!="tmpfs"} - node_filesystem_avail_bytes{node_id="$node", fstype!="tmpfs"}

This query should calculate the difference between the total disk space (node_filesystem_size_bytes ) and the available disk space (node_filesystem_avail_bytes ) for filesystems excluding those of type “tmpfs.” The result will give you the actual number of bytes used on the specified node for these filesystems.

I also want to see the “bar” as a percentage of the disk space. So there needs to be something that adjusts the “max” for each bar

I think it should be doable because the showcase video in shows this which is what I am looking for

I just checked the source… Grafana it seems to have a constant max.