Show string and time fields from influx on a single graph

I have an issue where I need to plot performance test time and product versions onto a single graph.
For example, at the moment my graphs are showing run time for tests in alpha, beta and production. Influx db also contains fields with product versions for all of those. I want to add to a mouse over tooltip information about product versions used at that timestamp. Adding those fields to a query shows names in tooltip but does not show the values as those are strings and graph is formatted for seconds.
So ideas on how to achieve something like this?


Sounds like annotations may help you achieve what you’re looking for.


From what I understood that would require creation of another tool that will trigger HTTP API to add annotations. And I am failing in using built in annotations? I know it is usually stupid to ask for example, but official docs do not really tell much of this feature. Could you help me with an example?
DB structure is:
measurements: “alpha”, “beta”, “production"
single tag: test_case=”"
fields: “run_time_seconds”, “file1_version”, “file2_version”

Grafana chart at the moment puts 3 graphs for run times of alpha, beta and production. What would be annotations query to put grafana tags with versions?

I think you need to create 3 annotations queries to be able to support all your measurements.

Such a query may be

SELECT file1_version, file2_version FROM alpha WHERE $timeFilter order asc

From the documentation:

If you only select one column you will not need to enter anything in the column mapping fields. The Tags field can be a comma separated string.


That is what I did but I don’t see anything added.
Query is:

select "file1_version" from  "alpha" where $timeFilter order by asc

And I specify Field mappings value for Tags to test_case
And my charts information does not change at all.


Maybe this link can help you: