Show only specific year

Hi, i’m trying to show a graph with 2019 data.

But the graph show the current data to first day of 2019. What’s “Relative time” to show only 2019 interval?

I have some panels which show data for “yesterday”, “days ago”, “3 days ago”
etc, and for that I use:

timeFrom = "now/d"
timeShift = "3d/d"

for 3 days ago, for example.

So, I would expect you can see 2019 data with:

timeFrom = "now/y"
timeShift = "1y/y"

Let us know how you get on…


Yes, that worked. Thank you! :pray:

Now, i’m trying to show on the same graph data from 2019 and 2018. It’s possible?

To do that I would try with “now/2y” and “2y/2y”.