Show only nightly data from time series in dashboard

Hello, I have a time series db (influx v1.8) in which I have stored a year’s data on my home energy consumption. (resolution=minute, field key = energy)
I want to make a graph in which I only show the the nightly energy consumption (let’s say from 22:00-06:00, but adaptable later on) but I cannot seem to find a way to do that. Any ideas out there would be much appreciated.
All the best, Leo

Welcome @leonardotimmermans

Unfortunately, this is not possible using InfluxQL, which is likely what you are using. If you are willing to switch to Flux, it’s possible. See here.

Tkx, but is it possible in Grafana to filter (?) transform (?) the timeseries so that
e.g. only nightly data are visualized ? Tkx !

Not possible to do this in Grafana, as far as I know.

HI, tkx for the help. I found a workaround. I took the Influx timestamp and split it (by a export data, bash script, import data) into a date (datum) and time (tijd) portion (as integer) and filled two new field keys with it.
All the best, Leo

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