Show HealthyHostCount for all TargetGroups of All LoadBalancers

We currently have a dashboard which shows the HealthyHostCount of all our classic ELBs, using a variable to get all the ELBs and a panel which repeats for each ELB.
We are moving to Application ELBs (ALBs for short) and I’m trying to do the same thing but I’m struggling a little.
To get HealthyHostCount you need to have the TargetGroup and LoadBalancer.
I can get a list of ALBs into a variable.
I can get a list of TargetGroups in to a variable.
But I’m struggling to produce a panel per TargetGroup per ALB.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Can you show the three queries that you have so far?

This query gets all the application loadbalancers (we can then use regex to filter them down).

This query gets all the TargetGroups for the loadbalancer picked from the above query.
dimension_values($region,AWS/ApplicationELB,HealthyHostCount,TargetGroup, {“LoadBalancer”:"$lb"})

This query will get all the TargetGroups that exist in the account.

I’m thinking that to display information for all the loadbalancers and all the target groups in each loadbalancer requires Grafana to be able to do a loop within a loop which I don’t believe it can.