Service Health Checks

I want to connect to a webservice/rest api and see If the service returns 200 response or not and display the response time in Grafana in a panel. And I want to do it for multiple URL’s. Is there any plugin in Grafana that supports this ?

This is where most people would use some sort of data collector like Node Exporter for Prometheus, Telegraf for InfluxDB or CollectD for Graphite. If you store metrics about the response in a time series database then you can see trends over time. What you are describing sounds more like the Nagios model with checks (is it up or is it down). I personally think the time series db way of doing this, achieves the same result and does lots more besides.

The Worldping plugin supports exactly this - you can have it check an endpoint and return an error based on the response (200 or a parameter that is returned).

It will also check it from multiple probe locations around the world and chart the data for you.

The first 1 million requests per month are free.

I use this myself and find it to be very, very useful.