Separate Graphite Requests for each Query


In one of our dashboards, we have a graph panel where we have 3 queries. When we bring up the dashboard, I see that all the queries in each panel are batched into one request as shown below:


I am wondering if there is a setting in Grafana, where we can make separate request for each of the queries rather than all queries sent in one request? I am asking this because we are running into timeouts at our proxy server as processing all the queries at once results in us exceeding the timeout.

Thanks in advance!

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I wanted to ask the same exact question but our use case is different.
We have a graphite path as the following
We have a total number of 10,000 servers scattered across all states and the status gives us a value of 0 for down and 1 for up

So we run a query to get the count of up/down server and this query takes around 20 second to complete as graphite has to process the request as one

We have other queries for other metrics across all servers as well

In our case, I would have each state on a separate query so our graphite server process them across the multiple carbon cache/ we app deamons process all at the same time.

This will be great feature to have.