Sending email alerts from Grafana

Apologies I’m a newbie. I have some dashboards setup monitoring a data ingest pipeline from NiFi. Those are fine. I want to send email alerts if I don’t see any new data from import sources within a certain timeframe. I’ve modified grafan.ini to enable smtp and successfully sent a test email. However my next step was to set an alert to fire if I didn’t see any data in 5 seconds, knowing I would not to get an alert to fire and hopefully an email to send. Unfortunately that is not working. Can anyone point me in the right direction or towards any additional documentation I’ve missed.

False alarm apparently just a little patience was required to let adjusted settings get picked up and acted upon. For anyone else with this problem it seemed not to register if you set an alert that will already be in an alerting state. It needs to be set so it will transition into an alerting state. I.e. setup sensible alert, then stop ingest will trigger. Setup alert for no data in last 10 seconds when it’s common to have no data for ten seconds did not trigger.