Select ... where time > %h:%m AND time < %h:%m


To see how my heater is approximating working,
i use this kind of influxdb search :
SELECT ($Consigne - mean(“Température”) )/$Ecart *100 FROM “XXXX” WHERE (“location” = ‘dehors’) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(null)
It’s providing me a percent of utilization.

It’s working as expected but my heater is only working at night (between 1h10 to 6h10) so i would like to add a where condition on a time range , it’s possible ? how?

Something like this will be great for my custom usage :
SELECT ($Consigne - mean(“Température”) )/$Ecart *100 FROM “XXXX” WHERE (“location” = ‘dehors’) AND $timeFilter AND $time > 01h10m and time < 06h10m Filter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(null)

thanks in advance

@roumano i have the same issue , did you find a solution ?

Not really found a solution.
I make a workarround via adding a new fied into database (heureCreuse =0 or =1 )
Via a python script i’m reparsing all my data with a python script and for each temperature where location = dehors add a field heureCreuse (0 or 1 )