Search box in grafana

hey grafana community, i want to add search box in dashboard how can i add it please suggest some way to do this functionanlity.

hello @shahnawazvhora7333 To answer your question, you can go to dashboard settings (option on the left side of the last 6 hours text in the attached screenshot—gear icon). In this, you can see the option named variable to select from on the left side, and from this, you can add a variable, and select variable type as text box which will work as a search box, by selecting the textbox option. Then you can look for various other options in this article and choose what you want to keep and what you don’t want to keep. Here is the link to that particular document, which contains all the information about variables and how you can configure them


Hey @henilvaland
Thanks for the response,
Yeah it is correct.

To add a search box in your Grafana dashboard, you can utilize plugins like the “Grafana Simple Json Datasource” or the “Grafana Elasticsearch” plugin, which offer search Laundry Superstitions capabilities. Alternatively, consider using template variables or custom query variables to filter your dashboard data dynamically.