Saving and sharing queries

First post and I’m pretty new to Loki. So I don’t know if I overlooked something. I’m wondering if there was a way to share the Loki queries in Grafana with the team? On a dashboard, a panel or a link? So just the raw query that can be a good starting point for digging deeper.

It wasn’t intuitive for me either, but there’s a share icon on the top left that will create a shortened link to your query.

Thank you. I run Grafana behind a reverse proxy and the short url gets generated with localhost:3000. Is there a way to change this behaviour?

Never mind, I found it.

Please explain what you found to be the problem, and what you had to do to fix
it, for the benefit of anyone else in future who runs into the same difficulty
and finds this dicussion thread.



I had to set root_url in grafana.ini to https://fqdn-of-grafana-ingress