Salck alerts for loki with linkup back to grafana

The problem set of this webapp is that I was finding it difficult to send loki alerts to slack as notifications in a channel and then map those back to grafana. So, I came up with a solution to have a webapp that queries and stores loki alerts (for a short period of time) , sends alerts to slack as messages in slack and maps them back to grafana for better linking. The link to repo on github with the open source code - GitHub - chahalamit009/loki_alert, I would like to contribute and help the grafana, loki community with this.

Hi @chahalamit009

Have you explored the new unified alerting in Grafana 8?

docker run -p 3000:3000 -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=grafana-singlestat-panel, marcusolsson-json-datasource" -e "GF_FEATURE_TOGGLES_ENABLE=ngalert" -e "GF_PLUGINS_PLUGIN_ADMIN_ENABLED=true" grafana/grafana:8.0.2