Running multiple Scripts parallelly

Hi K6 Team,

I have many script which is based on feature like (cancel order, apply Discount on order, Change delivery Type of order Etc). I have almost more then 20 features and for 1 feature i have one script . Now to meet actual real scenario I need to do perf testing for all the feature simultaneously since any one can cancel order or change delivery Type for an order in any of our stores (where a customer can perform these feature ). and we have great number of order processing at our stores.

So I want to know how to achieve this where these 20 feature can be trigger parallelly.

Note : I need it urgently for my project

any idea @eyeveebe @Elibarick

Hi @prishu25

Did you have a look at this thread: Run all tests scripts in parallel? Does it help in your scenario? If not, we can further discuss based on what you need to implement differently.


No not valid . Separate script separate Vu separate scenerio . I like the docker compose method. But can I get elaborate sample example how to proceed?